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Our Concrete Cutting and Coring Services

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is the process of using specialised equipment to cut concrete surfaces into specific shapes and sizes.


Core Drilling

Core drilling involves drilling precise circular holes in concrete, masonry, and other hard materials using specialised equipment.

Ring Sawing

Ring sawing is a technique used to create deep and precise cuts in concrete, brick, or other building materials using a diamond-tipped blade.

Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

We cover all epoxy floor coating solutions in a professional manner with all jobs covered.

Road Sawing

Road sawing involves cutting asphalt or concrete road surfaces to repair or install new infrastructure.

Hand Sawing

Hand sawing is a method of cutting concrete and other materials using handheld saws, ideal for confined spaces and smaller jobs.


Soff Cutting

Soff cutting and joint sealing are techniques used to control cracking in concrete surfaces by creating controlled joints and sealing them with specialised materials.


Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is the process of cutting precise openings or sections from concrete walls, floors, and ceilings using specialised saws and equipment.

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What Is Concrete Core Drilling?

Core drilling involves drilling cylindrical holes into concrete structures such as floors, walls, and ceilings, to accommodate various systems such as new conduits, plumbing piping, reinforcements, and ducting.

Noise-sensitive environments like healthcare facilities, schools, and hospitals may have restrictions that necessitate the use of core drilling due to its lower noise and vibration levels compared to hammer drilling.

Core drilling uses a sprecialised drill bits, for faster, more efficient, and more accurate than traditional drilling methods Conventional drilling methods carry numerous risks, including projectile concrete, rock or ore, and damage to the equipment.

Core drilling is necessary for a variety of purposes, including installing new electrical conduits and cables, plumbing piping, reinforcement, and routing cables in high-rise buildings, large structures, commercial fit-outs, vertical concrete drilling, and bollard installation, among others.

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